Creating the Official Christian Social Network

Hello Believers in our Lord Jesus Christ. Before the UniteChrist website is fully developed into an active social community we have to lay the foundation for why this network is being created, what’s expected of every believer who decides to use this network, and the benefits it will bring to all believers.

Why this Christian social network is being created

The idea to develop UniteChrist started back to 2014 as the major social medias began to really take their places in the world. Knowing that these communities were designed to connect the world and the interests of those in the world it became obvious that these entities would psychologically promote and financially support views counter to what God has called us to agree with.

The expectation for believers who use UniteChrist

All have fallen short of the glory, but for the believer we are strong in the Lord, called to be holy and perfect. The expectation for every believer that decides to use UniteChrist is to interact purposefully, strive to stay focused on the Lord daily, to use wisdom concerning the content they share, and to act wholeheartedly in their faith when they’re outside of this community.

Whether Jesus returns tomorrow or ten thousand years from today – he is coming. We only need and want to connect with those who are ready to come to Christ and those who continue going after him.

The benefits of a Christian community online

The world is ever evolving, satan is always searching for someone to devour, but our God is never changing. With a Christian community online each believer is able to have a vein of accountability, a source of encouragement, honest correction, godly guidance, and a spiritual military to stand in the gap for their needs in the spiritual world and even assistance in the physical world.

As believers we are called to unite. We have strength in numbers, but our greatest strength is in our God. It’s normal for a person to desire friends, to fit in, and to be accepted. The truth is there are only two places we can stand, with God or with the world.

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