How Can I Know If I am Committing a Sin?

Knowing if something is a sin requires us to answer two questions:

1) What does the Bible say is sin?

2) How can I apply this to my life?

The Bible is our only source of truth, and it tells us that any behavior that goes against God’s will is a sin. The Ten Commandments are a great starting point for understanding what is considered sinful in God’s eyes. Anything that violates one of these commandments is a sin, as is any behavior that contradicts the teachings in the Bible. This includes lying, cheating, stealing, gossiping, coveting, and much more. Additionally, anything that draws us away from God or His purpose for our lives is sinful.

In order to determine if something is a sin, we need to ask ourselves if the behavior we are considering goes against or contradicts the teachings of the Bible. We should also ask if the behavior has the potential to draw us away from God and His will for our lives.

We must also remember that not all sins are equal. Sin may come in degrees of severity, and certain act may lead to greater temptation and potential sin than others. For example, looking at pornography may be viewed as a more serious sin than watching a movie with a few inappropriate scenes.

Finally, we should seek out wise counsel so that we can make informed decisions regarding what is right and wrong. We should also turn to prayer, asking God to help us understand His will and to give us strength when we are tempted to commit a sin.

Knowing if something is a sin can be difficult. By consulting the Bible, seeking wise counsel, and turning to prayer, however, we can do our best to discern God’s will and understand if something is a sin. With God’s help, we can fight against temptation and live according to His will.

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