Should We Worship on Saturday or Sunday?

The debate as to whether or not Christians should worship on Saturday or Sunday has been a long-standing one. On one hand, some Christians believe that worshipping on Saturday is more in line with the Sabbath that God ordained and commanded in the Ten Commandments. On the other hand, some Christians argue that Sunday is the appropriate day of worship for those following the New Testament.

There are arguments for both sides, but it is ultimately up to each individual Christian to decide which day of worship is best for them. Those who choose to worship on Saturday often cite the command from God in the Ten Commandments to honor the Sabbath day (Exodus 20:8-11). They believe that this day is still to be observed and respected, and can be done by worshipping at a synagogue or similar religious gathering. In addition, they may also follow the Jewish custom of keeping kosher and other dietary restrictions on Saturdays.

However, those who choose to worship on Sunday often point to the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament. When Christ rose from the dead and met with his disciples, he celebrated a day of worship on the first day of the week, Sunday (John 20:19). It was on this day that Jesus gave the gift of the Holy Spirit to his followers, and it is most often seen as the ‘day of resurrection’ for the Church. Because of this, many Churches now gather for worship on the Sunday, seeing it as the beginning of their week of fellowship and spiritual growth.

Ultimately, the decision of what day to observe as the Sabbath belongs to each individuals’ own conscience. Although the Bible does provide guidelines to help guide believers in their decisions, the ultimate decision rests with each person. Therefore, Christians should not be judged on their choice of either Saturday or Sunday for their day of worship, as long as it is done in sincerity and faith.

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