Sound Doctrine Discussions

UniteChrist will have an open forum for biblical discussion. The forum will gradually add new controversial topics for all believers to chime in on. The goal behind these controversial forums is to shed light and truth on false ideas, false teachings, and distorted beliefs that are counter to the word of God. The forum isn’t a tool for arguing, but for teaching and learning sound doctrine. As we all know one God inspired the scriptures so only one meaning can be true.

The Word of God Rules

In a controversial forum it can be easy to get offended if our minds and hearts aren’t on the goal of being perfected, showing ourselves approved with our study, and in some cases having to admit when we have been deceived. As a community we will determine which forum answers are most appropriate and accurately aligned with scripture. This forum process of controversial biblical discussion will build up those who are new to Christ and offer a doctrine check and balance system for us against the devil.

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