Put on the Helmet of Salvation. Don’t Take it Off

Our adversary the devil knows how important the mind is. If he can get access to our minds he control our thoughts, pervert our perception of the truth and ultimately swindle us from the salvation that is in Jesus Christ. As believers in Jesus Christ we must guard our minds from the devil with the helmet of salvation.

Our salvation is extremely important because it allows us to know that we are no longer bound to the old man. We are made new. We are called to perfection and holiness. When our minds are saturated in the truth that Jesus Christ has saved us, forgiven us, and that he loves us it is impossible for the devil to wedge in-between our relationship with God.

Just as a helmet protects a soldier in war it protects us in the ongoing spiritual battle waged in the realm that we can’t see. This piece of armor shields our vital instrument for locomotion, decision making, and perception. As the devil walks about like a roaring lion preying on the weak among us he hopes to find someone without their helmet because then he can make his most fatal blows and fool that soldier to believe that he no longer needs his or her sword, shield, breastplate, boots, or belt. Leaving his victim helpless against spiritual attacks to marinate in the doctrine of the world to swiftly be destroyed.

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