What Does the Bible Say About Divorce and Remarriage?

The Bible does not provide an explicit answer to the question of divorce and remarriage. However, there are many passages in Scripture that provide guidance and context for Christians to consider when making decisions about divorce and remarriage.

In the Old Testament, God is clear on the subject of divorce and remarriage. Malachi 2:16 says, “I hate divorce, says the Lord God of Israel.” This statement makes it clear that the Lord is not pleased with divorces and the idea of breaking sacred vows between two people.

Jesus also speaks about divorce and remarriage in the New Testament. In Matthew 19:3-9, He states that it is not permissible to divorce a spouse unless adultery has been committed. He also says that anyone who divorces their spouse and marries another will be committing adultery.

Throughout the Bible, God’s heart is for marriage to be lasting and holy. He desires marriages to honor Him and reflect His image of love. It is only under extreme circumstances that He allows for the dissolution of a marriage and for the possibility of remarriage. Ultimately, He wants us to do our best to keep our marriages intact and find ways to heal and restore them, whenever possible.

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