What is Dispensationalism?

Dispensationalism is a type of eschatology, or Christian teaching about the end times. It is an interpretation of Scripture that divides human history into different time periods, or dispensations. This understanding of human history of events is in line with the idea that God works through different means and at different times to accomplish his will.

Dispensationalism teaches that mankind has gone through seven distinct eras throughout the time since the Fall of man: Innocence; Conscience; Human Government; Promise; Law; Grace; and the Kingdom. Each of these eras or dispensations have different regulations and laws that must be followed, and they each lay the groundwork for the next era in the timeline.

The core beliefs of dispensationalism are that the Church will be removed from the world prior to any end times events; that Jesus will return to restore Israel; and that the Kingdom of God will be established on earth. Dispensationalism also claims that the events of the Bible are to be taken literally and that the promises of salvation will be fulfilled.

Overall, dispensationalism is a type of Christian eschatology that interprets Scripture as a timeline of different eras or dispensations, with each era having certain regulations and conditions. It teaches that the Church will be removed prior to any end times events, that Jesus will return to restore Israel, and that God’s Kingdom will be established on earth.

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