What is the Christian Worldview?

A Christian worldview is the way that believers in Jesus Christ understand and interpret the world around us. A Christian worldview is based on the teaching found in the Bible, which reveals God’s character, His plan for salvation, and His expectations for us.

The Bible tells us that God created the universe, including all the laws that govern it, and it also tells us that He chose to reveal Himself to humanity through His son, Jesus Christ. As followers of Jesus, we are called to trust Him as our Lord and Savior and to accept His full revelation of truth and righteousness. This means that our worldview must be centered on Jesus and His teachings, which include love, forgiveness, justice, and mercy.

At the heart of a Christian worldview is the belief that all people are created in the image of God and are of equal value. We are to live with respect for God, for others, and for ourselves. The Bible teaches us that all sin carries consequences, but God is merciful and forgiving and offers us the opportunity to experience redemption through faith in Jesus.

As Christians, we recognize the authority of God’s Word and are influenced by it in all areas of life. We strive to follow Jesus’ example of faithfully serving God and loving our neighbors. We strive to make decisions and take actions that honor God, as well as cultivate peace and justice within our communities.

Christianity teaches us to both care for and respect all of God’s creation, whether that be the environment or each other. We strive to bring healing and reconciliation in a broken world, showing compassion and grace to everyone around us. Ultimately, we are called to live in the likeness of Christ, sharing His love, mercy, and justice throughout the world.

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