Why did God allow Polygamy in the Bible?

The practice of polygamy is seen throughout the Bible, but it is not condoned by God. In fact, in the Old Testament laws it was discouraged, though it was not forbidden outright. So why did God allow polygamy within the Bible?

The answer is simple: God allowed polygamy to meet a practical need at the time. In ancient times, men often died in battle, leaving behind widows and children who needed care and protection. By allowing men to marry multiple wives they were able to provide for those widows and children. Polygamy was also seen as a way to build up tribes and alliances between families. This practice helped to ensure the security of the group and its members.

It is important to note that even though polygamy was allowed, it was discouraged by God. Throughout the Bible, monogamy is highly valued and extolled as the ideal marital relationship. The writers of the Bible put an emphasis on the importance of love, commitment, and faithful devotion in a marriage relationship, which are all qualities that can be found in a monogamous union.

Ultimately, God allowed polygamy because of the needs of people at the time, but He still encourages a loving, committed monogamous marriage.

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