Why Does it Matter Whether or not Jesus was Literally Raised from the Dead?

The Bible teaches that the resurrection of Jesus is at the heart of Christianity. In fact, the apostle Paul declared that “if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith” (1 Corinthians 15:14). So, why does it matter whether or not Jesus was literally raised from the dead?

First, Jesus Himself predicted His own death, burial and resurrection (Matthew 16:21; Mark 8:31; Luke 24:46). This miraculous occurrence attested to the truth of His Messianic mission as proclaimed in the Old Testament prophets (Psalm 16:10; Isaiah 53:10-11). Thus, Jesus’ resurrection marks a major turning point in human history and affirms the promises of redemption in God’s Word.

Second, the resurrection of Jesus is evidence of God’s power over sin and death (Romans 1:4; 6:5-10). By conquering death, Jesus demonstrated His authority over all spiritual forces and opened the door for us to share in His victory through faith in Him (John 5:24). The resurrection of Jesus is the assurance of eternal life for those who have faith in Him (1 Corinthians 15:17-18), a promise that can never be taken away.

Finally, the resurrection proves to us that Jesus is Lord and Savior (Acts 2:36). His resurrection is a testimony to the reality of His victory over the powers of evil, and it is a source of hope and encouragement to those who believe in Him (Romans 8:11). Knowing that the ultimate result of Jesus’ victory is our salvation, we can confidently look forward to spending eternity with Him.

In summary, Jesus’ literal resurrection is essential to the Christian faith. It affirms His messianic mission, demonstrates God’s power over sin and death, and provides us with hope of eternal life in Him. Therefore, understanding the importance of this pivotal event is paramount to understanding the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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